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Step 6:  Creating/Editing Themes for different views of the Gallery WD.

Use one of the default themes or click “Add new” button to create a new theme. 6.2 Masonry
6.2.1 Name. Provide a name for the theme.
6.2.2 Padding. Define the padding of the individual images.
6.2.3 Border width. Define the border with for the individual images.
6.2.4 Border style. Select the style of the border from the provided options.
6.2.5 Border color. Select the border color for the border.
6.2.6 Border radius. Define the border radius for the individual images using CSS type values.
6.2.7 Transparency. Specify the level of transparency for the individual images.
6.2.8 Background color. Select a background color for the overall masonry box.
6.2.9 Background transparency. Specify the background transparency level.
6.2.10 Alignment. Choose the alignment of the masonry box in the page/post.
6.2.11 Hover effect. Select the effect of the individual images when hovered or chose to have none.
6.2.12 Hover effect value. Specify the value of the chosen hover effect using CSS type values.
6.2.13 Transition. Choose whether to have a transition with hover effects or not.
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