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Ecommerce Export/Import is a useful tool for importing or exporting specific information to/from the Ecommerce database.


This module will allow adding the list of the most demanded products among the online customers. The list can be created based on specific category or multiple categories.


Ecommerce WD Stripe Payment Gateway enables payments using Stripe system. The transaction process takes place within the website.

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If you do not login before making a purchase, we will automatically generate a user account for you and send the username/password combination to the email address used for the payment.

Ecommerce WD is an innovative Joomla extension for creating online stores and ecommerce pages in your Joomla website. Ecommerce WD is a useful and easy to use both for the vendors and customers. The products can be displayed in single-product pages, as well as grouped based on manufacturer or category.

Ecommerce WD Joomla extension

Ecommerce WD is fully responsive, allowing your customers to view the products using different devices, including phones and tablets. It is using Bootstrap technology.

Each product can be assigned to a category, which makes the product search simpler. The multi-nesting possibility will help to narrow the search for advanced results. Each of the products can have a detailed description with the help of different parameters, as well as multiple images for the detailed view. The integrated rating and review systems provide a chance to create a better marketing strategy (offering discounts, promotion and etc.).

The product comes with 5 default themes, while there is also a possibility of creating new themes based on the provided options.

The product comes with a list of enhances features relevant for creating a productive online store.

The list of Ecommerce WD features:

  • Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x  extension
  • Detailed product display possibility including all parameters and features
  • List and Thumbnail view options for the products
  • Two product compare possibility (within same category)
  • “Price” and “Market Price” display possibilities
  • Unlimited categories and subcategories
  • Unlimited product parameters and tags
  • Possibility to add the manufacturer of the product, contact information of the manufacturer
  • Ratings and Reviews, possibility of moderating the reviews
  • Possibility of adding shipping details, prices, free shipping details
  • Possibility of adding different currencies, tax and discounts
  • Possibility of adding licensing pages for specific products
  • Default theme, possibility of adding new themes
  • Possibility of creating detailed user data field
  • Checkout options including Guest checkout
  • Possibility of allowing guest reviewing for the products
  • Support for PayPal payment method
  • Social media integration (Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook)
  • Possibility of adding Facebook Comments box instead of common comment box
  • Possibility of changing the number of visible products per page at the bottom of the page