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Stripe Payment Gateway

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If you already have an account on, please log in before making a purchase. You can also login using “Login with Facebook” option.

If you do not login before making a purchase, we will automatically generate a user account for you and send the username/password combination to the email address used for the payment.

Stripe Payment Gateway

This payment option allows paying using the Stripe system. The payments can be received from various countries, whereas to be able to accept the payment, your business should be based in one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, and United States.

The transaction process takes place within the website, thus an SSL certificate is required when using this payment method. Provided data (e.g. credit card information) is not being stored within the website, but rather on Stripe servers, making the data storage more secure.

Installation and Set up

To install the tool, go to Ecommerce WD>Tools. Press “Choose file” and select file, press “Upload and Install” button.

The tool will appear and become accessible from the Payment Systems Menu, where you can publish and unpublish the tool. Click on “Stripe” to open the tool options. In API options tab you can select the checkout mode- test or live. Then you should provide the secret and publishable keys. You can fill in test and/or live mode keys. More details on how to find the API keys can be found here (

Credit cards fields tab will allow to specify the information which the user has to fill in for the Stripe payment. 4 fields are required for Stripe payment to proceed, the rest of the fields can be displayed and optionally made required.

Connecting User and Data

When the user first makes a payment with Stripe system a special user ID is being created for the user. So when the next time the same user tries to make a payment with Stripe, they will not be required to re-enter their credit card data. The last 4 digits of the credit card number are being displayed for the user allowing them to choose the previously used card or use another credit card filling out the details of the second credit card. The list of the used credit cards is accessible to the user. Here, the credit cards which are no longer in use can be easily deleted.

Note, that the credit card information is not being stored in the website database, so there is no risk for the information to be stolen from your website.