Authorize.Net Server Integration Method (SIM)

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Authorize.Net Server Integration Method (SIM)

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If you already have an account on, please log in before making a purchase. You can also login using “Login with Facebook” option.

If you do not login before making a purchase, we will automatically generate a user account for you and send the username/password combination to the email address used for the payment.

Authorize.Net Server Integration Method (SIM)

Authorize.Net Server Integration Method, also know as SIM is one of the 4 payment integrations methods.This integration option redirects the users to the Authorize.NET, where they provide their credit card and related information. This is the best solution for cases when the merchant doesn’t want to collect, transmit or store sensitive data of the users during the transaction processing.

The user is not required to purchase and install SSL digital certificate since the entire process takes place in Authorize.Net website. The payment process and its individual steps are being regulated by Authorize.Net. The payment data is being stored on Authorize.Net PCI-compliant servers, which makes the process more secure.

In advance to using the payment method it is important to make sure to have:

  • Bank account which allows Internet transactions,
  • Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account

The SIM API includes both required and optional form fields that can be submitted during the real-time transaction processing.

Installation and Set up

To install the tool, go to Ecommerce WD>Tools. Press “Choose file” and select file, press “Upload and Install” button.

The tool will appear and become accessible from the Payment Systems Menu, where you can publish and unpublish the tool. Click on “” to open the tool options.

Tool options

In “API options” tab you can select the checkout mode- test or live. Then you should provide the API login and transaction keys. You can fill in test and/or live mode keys.

To obtain the keys, please follow the steps below:

  • Log into your Merchant Interface at
  • Click Account from the main toolbar.
  • Click Settings in the main left side menu.
  • Click API Login ID and Transaction Key in the Security Settings section.
  • Under Create New Transaction Key, enter your Secret Answer.
  • Note: When obtaining a new Transaction Key, you may choose to disable the old Transaction Key by clicking the box titled, Disable Old Transaction Key(s). You may want to do this if you suspect your previous Transaction Key is being used fraudulently.
  • Click Submit.