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Ecommerce Export/Import is a useful tool for importing or exporting specific information to/from the Ecommerce database. It is convenient especially when a large number of changes should be made within the database, such as adding/removing specific products, manufacturers and etc.

The tool is accessible from the Home menu and is easy in use. No coding skills are required while using the tool. It doesn’t require making changes within the settings. The entire process is being regulated with checkboxes and action buttons.


You can upload the tool going to Ecommerce WD>Tools, pressing “Choose File”, selecting the file and pressing Upload and Install button.
The tool will appear and become accessible from the Home menu.

There is an opportunity of modifying all tables or some of them. The list includes Categories, Category Parameters, Category Tags, Countries, Currencies, Discounts, Feedback, Labels, Manufacturers, Orders, Order Products, Order Statuses, Parameters, License pages, Products, Product Parameters, Product Tags, Ratings, Shipping Methods, Products Shipping Methods, Shipping Method Countries, Tags, Taxes, Themes, Usergroups. For specific tables the user can choose to export the information of only specific tables,modify the information and import the .xlsx file.
The downloaded file will allow to get acquainted to the main content of the database and the format of the data. The data should be modified or added within the same formatting, no lines should be skipped or left blank.


Ecommerce WD Export/Import Tool exports the information into an .xlsx (Microsoft Excel) file. Here you can select the tables you want to export. If you are using the tool for the first time, it is advised to export all tables for getting acquainted with the overall structure of the tables. After exporting the file, you can open it with e.g. Microsoft Excel. Here each table will be listed in a single sheet with its related fields.
Note that the titles of the listed tables should not be edited or modified, since it might cause compatibility issues with further import.


In advance to importing an .xlsx file, please export a sample. This will help to get acquainted with the proper file formatting.
After the download you can add items to the list using the provided sample. During the fill in process of the file prove data which is identical with the sample in format. Do not leave blank rows or columns.
You can select to import all of the tables or specific ones. For using selective tables, mark the checkboxes next to the table titles. Afterwards, you should click on Choose File option, select the corresponding xlsx file and press “Import” button.
There is an option of importing xlsx while deleting the existing data. To do so, you can check “Import with deleting” option. This will erase existing data and insert the imported data instead.