Terms Of Service

  • After the purchase of the products (extensions, plugins, themes and etc.), you are granted the right to use it in on the amount of websites based on the initial purchase agreement.
  • Since company products are open source, you are allowed to make necessary changes and modifications to make the product suitable to your needs. In any case, please, do not remove or change the license information.
  • Non-GPL portions of the products cannot be distributes or resold without the written consent of Web-Dorado.
  • Web-Dorado products are designed to be compatible with the latest versions of software they are designed for. The product descriptions provide details on the supported CMS and software versions. The products might not be compatible with some of the older versions of software.
  • Web-Dorado does not provide warranty for its products. We are not responsible for any damages unless it is connected with the product performance, including negative effects of the product customization by the customer. We cannot guarantee the product’s compatibility with other products.
  • Web-Dorado does not have a refund policy since the offered products are intangible. Instead we offer free customer support and bug fix willingness.
  • Web-Dorado offers customer support/potential user consultation on its products, but it is not responsible for the issues which are not directly product-related.

Note: The content on the Terms of Service page might be updated. Please check the page constantly for the updates.