Top 3 Lorem Ipsum Alternatives Worthy to Try

As a website designer or developer you clearly understand that giving the final look to the website you always need some content.

I’m almost sure that for many people the first thing that comes to mind in this stage is Lorem Ipsum. Taking into account that Lorem Ipsum comes since 1960s then this is simply natural.

But in reality, there are some big NO-s that prompts you to look for some Lorem Ipsum alternatives.

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How to shorten long URLs

Do you need to shorten a long URL? Then try this list of 5 free online redirection services helping you to shorten long URLs and boost your website as well.

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How to Disable Right-Clicking on Your WordPress Site

Find out the most relevant ways to protect the exclusive content on your webpage, including WordPress plugins and some JavaScript tricks.

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Carousel Slide View Option Now is Available on Slider WD

We have updated our Slider WD plugin again adding a very nice carousel display view.

The logic of carousel slider is to display several images while keeping one image in the center and a few images before and after the central slide with gradually descending sizes.

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Must-Have E-commerce Joomla Extensions

Looking for the solution for your future e-commerce? We have tested and present must-have e-commerce Joomla Extensions. Pick the one you need the most.

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