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Joomla Audio Player supports .mp3, .aiff, .waf and .asnd format audio files, allowing you to include an audio player on your website. Joomla Audio player is a great extension and one of the best offers for the audio players available in JED. You can easily add audio tracks to your website including them into different playlists and changing the appearance for each Joomla Audio Player. It uses all common default audio features for the users’ convenience such as sharing, autoplay, shuffling, and etc. The customization of the player is made possible with a list of default and custom themes, which include large list of customizable features.
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  • Joomla 2.5, and Joomla 3.x native extension.
  • Supports Flash.
  • The following audio types can be added to the Joomla Audio Player: .mp3, .aiff, .waf and .asnd.
  • Custom image can be displayed with each playlist.
  • You can add multiple playlists for the Audio Player providing tags and different parameters for the tracks.
  • The player window can be adjusting specifying its height and width.
  • Joomla Audio Player can be displayed in four different view modes: Fullscreen, Playlist, Single and Toggle.
  • Joomla Audio player uses different playback options such as auto play, auto next song, and etc.
  • The audio player front-end buttons can be adjusted for the transparency level.
  • The position and color of the control buttons can be altered.
  • You can also choose to hide the control buttons.
  • The background color of the audio player can be modified.
  • Shuffling and repeating features are available.
  • You can choose to publish a single track instead of a playlist using one of the two available modes for the tracks.

You can add unlimited amount of audio playlists using Joomla Audio Player, as well as add unlimited amount of tracks for each of the playlists. If you are looking for a highly customizable Joomla Player among Joomla extensions, then this is the best option available.

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The function of the component is well thought out .
Operation is simple and requires no manual .
Very good support , accommodating, solves problems fast and good.

Roland Löffler

Good extension for sound files