WordPress Form Maker Export/Import

Form Maker Export/Import

Form Maker Export/Import

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Form Maker Export/Import is a Form Maker capacity enhancing plugin. It uses a set of three easily adjustable sections.
The first section allows exporting form submissions from a WordPress website to specific software which is capable of handling CSV or XML format files. This is specifically useful for the data analysis of the form entry with advanced analytical tools. The submissions can be selected for a specific range. You can include only the fields for the form required for the analysis.
The second section is designed for exporting the forms and importing them to another location. The form submissions can also be exporting with the forms.
The third section allows importing the previously exported forms. These two sections are useful for keeping the forms and their entries when moving for another website.
The product is simple in use and does not require any coding experience

Export Submissions

  • Go to Form Maker Export/Import>Export Submissions to export the submissions of the forms in use.
  • Select a Form. Choose the corresponding form from the dropdown list for exporting the submissions.
  • Select Fields. All form fields will be displayed here in rows. You can select all or specific fields to be included in the exported file. To do so you should check the box next to the field title.
  • Select Date Range. This options is useful if you plan to get the entries for a specific period. Using the date pickers you can select the From and To dates.
  • Export To. You can download the submissions in CSV and XML format choosing the button of the relevant format.

Export Forms

  • Go to Form Maker Export/Import>Export Forms to export forms for further import to another location. This option is useful when you have to export forms from one website to another.
  • Select Forms. The list of previously created forms will be displayed here. You can choose a single or multiple forms to export by checking the box.
  • Export Submissions. In addition to the form, you can also transfer the submissions of it checking this option.
  • Export To. The files (including forms with/without submissions) will be downloaded in XML format, when pressing the XML button.

Import Forms

  • Go to Form Maker Export/Import>Export Forms to import forms from another website to the current one.
  • Select file. Press Choose File and select the form XML file, then press Select button.