Form Maker Export/Import

Form Maker Export/Import is a Joomla Form Maker capacity enhancing extension. It is a compact three section extension.
The first section allows exporting form submissions from Joomla website to specific software which is capable of handling CSV or XML format files. This gives an opportunity to analyze the received data with advanced analytical tools. There will be a possibility of choosing the data for a specific period of timing, as well as include or exclude the form fields.

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The second and third sections allow exporting and importing forms with/without submissions. You will be able to export or import forms and their submissions from one Joomla website to another without losing any data.
The process of importing/exporting is being done with the help of few button clicks without any additional coding efforts.

Export Submissions

  • Go to Form Maker Export/Import>Export Submissions to export the submissions of the forms in use.
  • Select a Form. Using the dropdown list select the form you want to export the submissions of.
  • Select Fields. Here you will see all of the fields you use for the selected form. If you want the field to be included in your exported file, you should check it.
  • Select Date Range. If you want to have submissions for a specific period of timing, you can use this option. The dates should be selected while pressing on the date picker to right of the From and To boxes.
  • Export To. Here you will be able to choose whether to export submissions in CSV or XML format.

Export Forms

  • Go to Form Maker Export/Import>Export Forms to export forms for further import to another location. This option is useful when you have to export forms from one website to another.
  • Select Forms. Here you will see the list of the created forms. You can select the forms you want to export by checking the box next to them.
  • Export Submissions. You will be able to export the submissions of the selected forms by checking the box.
  • Export To. Pressing the XML button you will download the XML file of the forms (and their submissions).

Import Forms

  • Go to Form Maker Export/Import>Export Forms to import forms to your website.
  • Select file. Press Choose File and select the form XML you want to import to your website, then press Select button. Please make sure to upload the XML file of an exported form.