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Step 4:  Creating/Editing Albums for the Gallery WD.

4.1 On the left menu select Gallery WD > Albums > Add new button in the upper left corner.
4.2 Name. Provide a name for the album.
4.3 Slug. Specify the alias for the album in your website.
4.4 Description. Provide a detailed description for the album.
4.5 Author. The author of the album will be automatically set by the logged in user, who creates the album.
4.6 Published. Choose whether to publish the album or not.
4.7 Preview Image. Choose the preview image for the album. If you leave it blank will automatically pick the first image used in the album.
4.8 Albums and Galleries. Choose the galleries or already created albums to be used in the album.
4.9 Drag/Drop. After adding the albums you will be able to use drag/drop option to set the order for the albums to be displayed.
As a final step press Save button.

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