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Step 5:  Editing Options for Gallery WD.

Here you can change default options for different views of Gallery WD views, as well as general options. You can simply navigate here choosing the corresponding tab.

5.7 Thumbnail Options
5.7.1 Number of image columns. Provide the maximum number of image columns to be displayed with Thumbnails view.
5.7.2 Images per page. Provide the maximum number of images to be displayed in a single page.
5.7.3 Generated thumbnail dimensions. Provide the dimensions of the thumbnail image which will be generated from the original image.
5.7.4 Frontend thumbnail dimensions. Provide the dimensions of the image, which will be displayed in the front end as a thumbnail. This should be smaller than the generated thumbnail to keep the quality of the image.
5.7.5 Show image title. Choose whether to always display the image title, have it displayed only when hovered or never display it.
5.7.6 Enable image pagination. Choose whether to have image pagination or not.
5.7.7 Thumbnail click action. Choose whether to have an option of redirecting the image upon hit or to get redirected to another URL. After activation of the second option a URL line will be available next to the images in the gallery page.
5.7.8. Open in a new window. Choose whether to open the redirected URL in another window or not.

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