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Step 6:  Creating/Editing Themes for different views of the Gallery WD.

Use one of the default themes or click “Add new” button to create a new theme.

6.9 Page Navigation.
6.9.1 Name. Provide a name for the theme.
6.9.2 Font size. Define the font size for the page navigation.
6.9.3 Font color. Choose the font color for the page navigation.
6.9.4 Font family. Select the font family for the page navigation.
6.9.5 Font weight. Select the font weight from the provided options to apply to page navigation.
6.9.6 Border width. Set the page navigation border width.
6.9.7 Border style. Select the border style for the page navigation.
6.9.8 Border color. Choose the page navigation border color.
6.9.9 Border radius. Set the border radius for the page navigation using CSS type values.
6.9.10 Margin. Set the margin for the page navigation using CSS type values.
6.9.11 Padding. Set padding using CSS type values for the page navigation.
6.9.12 Button background color. Choose the navigation button background color.
6.9.13 Button background transparency. Specify the level of transparency for the navigation button background.
6.9.14 Button transition. Choose whether to set a transition for the navigation button or not.
6.9.15 Box shadow. Set the box shadow for the navigation.
6.9.16 Position. Determine the position of the navigation buttons.
6.9.17 Alignment. Define the alignment for the navigation buttons.
6.9.18 Numbering. Choose whether to have numbers next to navigation buttons or not.
6.9.19 Button text. Choose whether to have text or navigation arrow set for the page navigation.

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