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Step 2:  Creating/Editing Galleries for the Gallery WD.

2.1 Go to Gallery WD > Add Galleries/Images > Add new.
2.2 Name. Specify the name of the gallery.
2.3 Slug. Specify the alias in your website for the gallery.
2.4 Description. Fill in the information you would like to share with the gallery. The description will be visible with some of the gallery views.
2.5 Author. This indicates the author of the gallery. It automatically includes the name of the logged in user, who has added the gallery.
2.6 Published. Choose whether to publish the gallery or to leave it for the further publication.
2.7 Preview image. Indicate the image which will be used to preview the gallery. If you leave it blank, it will automatically pick the first uploaded images included in the gallery.
2.8 Images. You can add photos by clicking Add Images button.
The plugin is not using standard Media Manager, instead here you will be redirected to Gallery WD File Manager. After uploading images you should mark them and press Add button.
Photo Gallery File Manager
2.8.1 Up. This button will allow you to move within the taxonomy of the folder to a higher level folder.
2.8.2 Make a directory. You can indicate the location of the directory to get images from.
2.8.3 Rename item. You can rename the chosen images without leaving the uploader.
2.8.4 Copy. You can copy images and directories.
2.8.5 Cut. You can cut images and directories.
2.8.6 Paste. You can paste copied/cut images and directories.
2.8.7 Remove items. You can remove any amount of items from the list.
2.8.8 Upload files. You can upload images from your PC and other devices using this feature. Multi-upload is also possible. To upload all images, you should first press Ctrl+A.
To add the images to your Gallery, you should press Add the selected images to gallery button.
Important! Before uploading an image, you should provide dimensions for the generated thumbnail at the top of the Media Upload window or leave it to default value set in the Thumbnail options (Options Menu).
2.8.9 View options: (on the right upper corner)

View thumbnails. Displays images in Thumbnail view.

View list. Displays images in list view.

Now let’s explore the individual image options. Refer to the buttons on the right side and below.
2.9 Select All. This option allows applying the corresponding operations to all of the images in the Gallery.
2.10 Show order column.  You can either Drag and Drop images to change the positioning of the images (to do this simply click and move the pointed cross symbol on the left of the images) or set the preferences under Order column, by manually entering numbers next to the images. This option is more useful when you have multiple pages of images and it is not convenient to use Drag/Drop.
2.11 Set Watermark. You can apply the created watermark by checking the image you want to add the watermark to and pressing the button. The watermark can be created in Options menu of the product.
2.12 Resize. You can resize already uploaded images using this option for making the uploaded smaller for faster load.
2.13 Reset.  You can reset the images to the default by selecting multiple/all images and pressing this button. It will remove all kind of changes, including crop, rotate and watermark.
2.14 Publish. Check the images you want to publish and press the button.
2.15 Unpublish. Check the images you want to temporary unpublish and press the button.
2.16 Delete. Check the images you want to remove from the album and press the button.
2.17 Crop. You can crop the image for creating the Thumbnail for the large image. The thumbnail will be available with some of the gallery views.
2.18 Rotate. You can rotate the thumbnail image. The change will also affect the larger image.
2.19 Alt/Title. Provide a title for each image. On the second input box you can provide the link to get redirected to upon hitting the thumbnail (the option can be turned on from Thumbnail options of the Options menu).
2.20 Description. You can additionally have a description for the images to provide detailed information.
2.21 Tags. Each image can have a number of tags from the list of created tags.
2.22 Published. Choose whether to publish or unpublish the uploaded images.
To save the created gallery do not forget to press Save button in the upper left corner.

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