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Step 5:   Editing Options for Gallery WD.

Here you can change default options for different views of Gallery WD views, as well as general options. You can simply navigate here choosing the corresponding tab.

5.1 Global Options
5.1.1 Images directory. Provide an image directory location which will host the uploaded images.
5.1.2 Right click protection. Choose whether to have a right-click protection or not. This feature is commonly used for avoiding the image download.
5.1.3 Show Search box. Choose whether to display a search box for the image search within the gallery or not. The images can be search based on the title.
5.1.4 Search box width. Define the width for the search box.
5.1.5 Preload images. Choose whether to load a few images whenever the gallery page is loaded and then continue the loading or leave the gallery to opening whenever all images are loaded.
5.1.6 Count of images. Specify the number of the images to get preloaded  at first, before the entire gallery is loaded.

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