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Step 6: Upcoming Events Module

Select Calendar: Select the calendar to add the module.

6.2 Module Themes
6.2.1 Background color. Select the background color for the module.
6.2.2 Event Title color. Choose the event title color.
6.2.3 Event Title font size. Select the event title font size.
6.2.4 Event Title font. Select the event title font family.
6.2.5 Event Date color. Choose the color for the event date.
6.2.6 Event Date format. Select the date format for the event.
6.2.7 Repeat Event Rate color. Select the repeat event rate color.
6.2.8 Event Text color. Choose the text color for the event.
6.2.9 Divider color. Choose the color for the divider.
6.2.10 Module Class suffix. Use this feature to add a new CSS class or modify the existing CSS class for the div element for this module.

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