Spider Calendar

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Step 7:  Component Parameters of the Joomla Calendar

These are the parameters of the section containing full event information, which appears after clicking on the corresponding day on the calendar.
7.1 On the top menu select Extensions > Module Manager.
7.2 Choose the Spider Calendar module from the list and click on it. 
7.3 Show the repeat rate. Choose whether to display repeat rate or not.
7.4 Title color. Choose the color of the title. 
7.5 Title font size. Define the font size of the title. 
7.6 Title font. Select a font for the title. 
7.7 Title Style. Select a style for the title. 
7.8 Date Color. Choose the color of the date. 
7.9 Date size. Define the size of the date. 
7.10 Date font. Select a font for the date. 
7.11 Date Style. Select a style for the date.

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