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Step 6: Upcoming Events Module

Select Calendar: Select the calendar to add the module.

6.1 General Parameters
6.1.1 Events View Type. Select the view type for the module.

  1. Events starting from current date.
  2. Events in Date Interval:
    1. Starting from Current Date/Start Date. Set the start point for the interval either choosing the current date or choosing another start date.
    2. Following Days Quantity. Provide the number of the days from the start date to create the interval.
    3. Events Quantity. Provide the number of events to be displayed.
    4. Ordering. Choose whether to have ordering or random listing of events.
  3. Select Events. You can also select already created events from the list.

6.1.2 Show Event Date. Provide the start date for the event.
6.1.3 Show Event Repeat Rate. Choose whether to display repeat rate or not.
6.1.4 Show Event Text. Provide the text assigned to the event.
6.1.15 Show Numbering. Choose whether to have a numbering for the events or not.

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