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Step 3: Configuring Contact Form Options of the Contact Form Builder.

3.1 General Options of WordPress Contact Form Builder
3.1.1 Published. Choose whether to publish the created form or leave it unpublished for the further publishing.
3.1.2 Save data (to database). Choose whether to save the data in the database (submissions table) or not. IMPORTANT: Please make sure to set up the email options properly. Disabling this option is only applicable when you prefer to receive submissions only via email.
3.1.3 Theme. The theme of the contact form can be changed to fit theme. can be applied to each new form. The form comes with 37 default themes. The themes can be editing; there is a possibility of adding new themes (Go to Contact Form Builder>Themes>Add new.)
3.1.4 Preview. This option will allow to view the form appearance within the selected theme.
3.1.5 Edit CSS. This options allows you to make changes in the theme CSS. After pressing Save button you will be able to preview the changes you have made.
3.1.6 Required fields mark. Here you can change the symbol of the indicator used for the required fields. By default it is * in red color.

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