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Joomla Slider WD

Step by step guide

Step 4: Setting/Changing the global options and features for the Slider WD

4.6: Creating Watermark for Slide image protection.
4.6.1 Go to Settings tab. The sixth horizontal tab opened will be Watermark.
4.6.2 You can add watermark over the slider images both in the forms of text and images.

Please note that the Fill and Contain options will work fine with Watermark option regardless of the image dimensions, whereas for the Cover option you should have the image identical to the size set in the Dimensions setting. If you have uploaded the image with another dimension, you will need to resize the image and upload it again.

Watermark Type.  Choose what kind of watermark you want to use from provided 2 options (text, image) or not to use watermarks over your slides.

  • Watermark text. Provide the text which will be displayed over the slides.
  • Watermark font size. Specify the font size of the watermark in pixels.
  • Watermark font style. Specify the font family for the watermark text.
  • Watermark color. Select the watermark text font color, as well as the watermark transparency using CSS type values.
  • Watermark position. Choose the positioning of the watermark from the available 9 options.


  • Watermark URL. Provide the absolute URL of the image which will be used for the watermark. Please note that only .png images are supported.
  • Watermark image size. Define the size (in percentage for the responsive look) of the image used for the watermark.

Watermark position. Choose the positioning of the watermark from the available 9 options.

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