WordPress Calendar: Top 3 Advanced Plugins

WordPress calendar is a handy tool especially for event and booking websites and today’s advanced users require it to be multifunctional, visually stunning and maximum user-friendly.

In this article I share my experience of using some of the easy customizable event calendars that I highly recommend you to try out.

WordPress Calendar Plugin: Spider Event Calendar

If you are looking for a simple but fully configurable WordPress calendar plugin then Spider Event Calendar is designed for you.

Key features:

  • Responsive: Responsiveness is a must have feature for any web solution in this “mobile addicted world” and I’d advise you to always consider this. Spider Event Calendar is 100% responsive.
  • Endlessly Customizable: This WordPress Event Calendar will help you a lot to achieve “Look & Feel” effect in your website design. This means that every detail in your website should be appropriate to your website’s nature. From this point of view Spider Event Calendar is what you are expecting for: you can customize almost everything that shows up in front end.
  • Event filtering: Another great feature is event filtering which allows users to have quick access to the desired events by selecting category. There are available four great views for events besides the standard month view: day, week, year and list views
  • No limits: With this WordPress calendar plugin you can create unlimited calendars and unlimited events for each calendar. You’ll really love this feature if you have a lot of events to manage and share.
  • Create recurring events: This feature will really save you a lot of time. That is maximum simple and user-friendly. Just a few clicks and you can create daily, weekly, monthly or yearly repeating events.
  • Other great features for Spider Event Calendar are availability to use images in events with HTML, highlight different categories with different colors (this is my favorite) and much more.

I have also taken some time to read reviews, all positive. Worth to try! More than 219,227 people are using this plugin and you can download it here.

This WordPress calendar plugin is designed by Web-Dorado, the Pro version costs 20-40$ depending on which package you choose: personal, business or developer.

WordPress calendar Plugin: My Calendar

My Calendar is another flexible and multifunctional WordPress calendar plugin to manage your events.

Key Features:

  • Easy Customizable: Like Spider Event Calendar it also allows a lot of customizations to become an appropriate part of your website. Editable CSS and JavaScript help you to change or add new styles and functions. In other hand you need to know the basics of coding to manage this option.
  • Display Modes: My Calendar WordPress event plugin has flexibility of displaying the calendar view in your website like calendar grid and list views for events.
  • Integration with My Tickets: This feature makes My Calendar a very handy tool for those who are going to sell tickets for events. My Tickets is a separate ticket selling plugin but paired with My Calendar these Plugins become irreplaceable for event managers who also sell tickets.
  • Other great things: There are some other really great features that My Calendar offers like Twitter integration (automate tweets for events), limiting event views for certain locations, hosts, etc. This helps to manage target groups for events.
  • I have also read reviews for this plugin, again many positive reviews. The main complaint is that though the plugin is free but when you need user manual documentation you should pay some $25 to get it.
  • However, already 481,121 people have downloaded this plugin and if you want to be one of them click here!

This plugin is developed by Joe Dolson. To have an access to user-guide you need to pay $25.

WordPress calendar Plugin: All-in-One Event Calendar

All-in-One Event Calendar is an advanced tool for those who create events and make them social.

Key Features:

  • Import and export events: This is really a time saving feature which allows creating an event on one website and get it appear on the other one. This works for any system that accepts iCalendar feeds.
  • Google Map integration: One of my really loved features is Google map integration which helps to find event venues easily, in one place without leaving the website.
  • Event filtering: Like Spider Event Calendar it also allows event filtering by categories and tags.
  • Facebook and Twitter integration: These add-ons will make your event more social by sending event reminding tweets. Facebook integration means even more: you can export your events to Facebook and import Facebook events to your All-in-One Events Calendar. The best thing is that you can import events from pages, groups, your profile events and even events from your friend’s profile. Cool isn’t it?
  • Front-end event submissions: This makes this WordPress Event Calendar to stand out for all those who were expecting this feature. The calendar offers security and editorial controls to review events before publishing.

Limitation - One calendar for one page: There is a limitation to create only one calendar for a page unless you have extensions for embedding multiple calendars. If you are going to have a lot of events to share on different pages this limitation may be an obstacle to you.

Though the reviews for this plugin are somewhat discouraging (especially for its heavy load) but I think it is worth to try.

958,200 people have already downloaded this plugin; you also give a try and write us your reviews. Download it here.

The plugin is designed by Timely. The Pro versions are available starting with 99$ per year.

There are really hundreds of WordPress calendar plugins and it’s hard to choose from. The only thing that may truly help you is your expectations and goals. Clearly understand what you need from your calendar and that will help you to choose the best plugin for you.

If you need a simple calendar then multifunctional plugin may immerse you. But if you need an advanced, multi-functional calendar, then I strongly encourage you to choose one that also suggests good technical support. Especially if you are going to handle important events, bookings, etc. you should always know that someone there will back up you and find quick solutions in case you’ll have any technical issues. This usually means that you should pay for pro versions.

If you have a good experience of using WordPress calendar plugin, please share your thoughts with us!

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