How to Increase Traffic for Your WordPress Blog

Aspiring to boost the traffic to your site and propel your business to success, you have probably started a blog. By creating a compelling content on your WordPress blog regularly, not only will you give new tips to your visitors, help them solve problems, but also provide more pages to search engines to index.

“Content is the king” , Bill Gates claims, and that’s absolutely true as far as boosting traffic is concerned. How to make your blog entries shine? Here are some insights for you to consider if you wish to attract new views and visitors to your blog.

1. Select a trendy topic

First of all, target your audience and tailor the topics to their demands and interests. For instance, if beginners are your target audience, you should focus more on tutorials and handbooks. What you need to do is to work out a long-term content strategy and choose a set of topics to cover on your blog. You should also research what topics are trendy and sought-after by your target audience. Thus you will have more traffic for your potential audience and buyers of your product.

To increase the traffic, you can opt for a useful tool - Google Trends- which will give you a clue on which topics are most favorite among your audience.

2. Consistency is key

Choose the time intervals on your blog. Decide whether you will blog several times a day or once a week or even more seldom, and stick to it. Consistency is a winning strategy while driving traffic to your WordPress blog. You can start slowly, for instance, one blog per week and then increase the frequency of your posts on a regular basis. Scheduling entries in advance is preferable since it will protect yourself against any force majeure.

3. Connect with your audience

Blogging is a bilateral process. Commenting back is crucial if you want to generate more traffic to your blog. Besides, you can show off your knowledge of a topic and build a closer relationship with potential customers. Caveat: if you get a comment and don't have the time to respond to it, just disable the comment area. It's better than ignoring readers' opinions, as it may give an undesirable impression of your business.

Another way to connect with your audience is through social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Besides, you can conduct surveys and reader interviews are to share ideas of readers through your articles.

4. Analyze your audience

Fortunately, WordPress blog has the option of analyzing your views, visitors and clicks through Stats section. You can see where you have the most traffic, where are the majority of your readers located and which posts are more popular among them.

Other than that, you can use Google Analytics to see what keywords and keyphrases are attracting visitors, and how many visitors your blog is receiving every day.

5. And finally, be armed with patience.

Of course, if you have a considerable budget to run a large-scale advertising campaign, you will see the traffic “flowing” to your site already in a few months. But if you opt for only quality content without the benefits of paid promotions, all you have to do (and be) is patient. If there is a will, there is a way. So, use the tips, persevere and the results will exceed your expectations!

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