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Spider Audio Player

Step by step guide

Step 5. Creating/Editing Themes

5.5 Toggle
This view option allows you to add a single track using custom images. It is useful when you want to add a track, but do not want to take too much of space for it.

General Parameters
5.5.1 Theme title. Specify a title for the theme.
5.5.2 Player width. Specify the width of the player in pixels.
5.5.3 Player height. Specify the height of the player pixels.
5.5.4 Play image.
Select Image. Select an image to be displayedwhen the track is played.
Remove Image. Remove the selected image.
5.5.5 Stop image.
Select Image. Select an image to be displayed when the track is stopped.
Remove Image. Remove the selected image.
Note that Stop image will be displayed when the Autoplay of the track is not on.

Playback Parameters
5.5.6 AutoPlay. Choose whether the player automatically starts the playback on page opening or not.
5.5.7 Repeat. Choose whether to have the player automatically repeat the tracks or not.

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