Spider Audio Player

Step by step guide

Step 4. Creating/Editing Playlists

4.1 From the navigation bar on the top select Components > Spider Audio Player > Playlists.
4.2 Click on the “New” button on the upper right hand of the screen.
4.3 Title. Specify a title for the playlist.
4.4 Info. Here you can provide additional information regarding the playlist.
4.5 Tracks. Add tracks to the playlist using the ADD button.
4.6 Thumb:

  • Select Image. You can add a thumbnail image for the playlist.
  • Remove Image. You can remove the added image.
4.7 Artist. Here you can specify the artist name for the playlist (not required).
4.8 Year. Here you can specify the year for the playlist (not required).
4.9 Published. Choose whether to publish the playlist or not.

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