Spider Audio Player

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Step 5. Creating/Editing Themes

5.4 Single
This view option allows you to add a single track using a control panel. It is useful when adding informational tracks and single audio tracks.

General Parameters
5.4.1 Theme title. Specify a title for the theme.
5.4.2 Player width. Specify the width of the player in pixels.
5.4.3 Player height. Specify the height of the player pixels.

Style Parameters
5.4.4 Panel Color. Specify the color of the player panel (control bar).
5.4.5 Controls Color. Specify the color of the control buttons on the player panel.
5.4.6 Slider Color. Specify the color of the slider (volume and progress bar).

Playback Parameters
5.4.7 Autoplay. Choose whether the player automatically starts the playback on page opening or not.
5.4.8 Repeat. Choose whether to have the player automatically repeat the tracks or not.
5.4.9 Default Volume. Define the default volume level for the player.

Audio Control Parameters
5.4.10 Control bar configuration (drag and drop). You can drag and move (drop) the items of the control bar to your convenience. The items can also be removed with a mouse click.

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