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Creating a Form

Guide to add new form fields, edit them and search through form field types in Form Maker WordPress plugin

After the installation is finished, you can go ahead and start working on your forms. Navigate to Form Maker > Forms page to build your very first form. Form Maker plugin provides a few sample forms, which you can quickly edit and publish.

Using Form Maker > Forms page, you can manage existing forms, perform Bulk Actions, such as Publish, Unpublish, Duplicate or Delete. Select the necessary form, choose the bulk action, then press Apply. Also, you can search for your form by writing its title in the top Search input.

Press Add New button from this page, and you will be redirected to Form Editor page. Make sure to write a Title for this form, then choose the Theme which sets the appearance of your form. In case you wish to display the form with the same style as your website theme, select Inherit From Website Theme option from Theme select box.

Adding a new form

Form Header

Form Maker lets you have a nice header section on your forms, which can contain additional content, as well as images with animations. Click on Form Header bar to open its toolbox and provide a Title. This is the form heading, which will appear above your form. In addition, you can write a Description to appear right below the Title. This comes handy, in case you need to write an introduction for your form.

You can also have an image on your form header and set it to appear with an animation effect. Press Add Image button to upload and select a picture from WordPress Media Library. Then choose the animation effect using Image Animation option.

In case you don’t want the Header Image to appear on smartphones and tablets, mark Hide Image on Mobile option as checked.

Don’t forget to Publish/Update the form to save the change you made.

Form header

Adding Fields

To add a new field to your form, drag New Field button to the area where you wish to place the field. The field editor toolbox will be opened automatically. Click on the field set from which you are going to choose the field, for instance, User Info Fields. Press Name button from this field set to add a Name input to your form. Then click Add and the field will be placed to the area you selected initially.

Adding form fields

It is also possible to search among the fields when adding a new field to your form. Use Filter input at the top left corner of fields toolbox. For example, you can search “phone” and all Phone fields will be filtered.

Searching among form fields

You can edit your form fields anytime by double-clicking on them. Alternatively, you can open field editor toolbox by clicking on a field once, then pressing the small pencil icon above. To change the placement of your fields, simply drag the field to the necessary area.

Editing form fields

After adding your form fields and updating your form, you are able to Undo or Redo the changes you have made. Please note, that these two buttons appear at the top of your form only after you modify the form and save the changes.

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