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Step 2: Creating a new WordPress Form.

2.1 On the top menu select Form Maker > Manager
2.2 In the upper left corner click on the “Add New” button.
2.3 Title. Specify a title for the WordPress form.
2.4 Adding new fields. To add a new field, you should press Add a field button in upper right corner.
2.5 Rearranging/Editing fields. To rearrange or edit fields you can use two options. Firstly, you can leave the Drag and Drop checkbox enabled and use the feature to move the fields up/down or left/right upon clicking and double click for editing. Secondly, you can disable the Drag and Drop and use the arrows to edit, or move the fields up/down or left/right. Note that if you want to create multi-column forms you need to make sure the content area where you insert the form allows this feature.
For multicolumn complex forms: If you want to have different number of columns for different parts of the form, you need to add section breaks for each set, e.g. you want to have 2-3-2 set, you should add a section break after first two and after following 3 form fields.

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