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Step 5:  Creating Themes for the Joomla player.

5.1 General Parameters
5.1.1 On the top menu select Components > Spider Video Player > Theme
5.1.2 In the upper right corner click on the “New” button.
5.1.3 Title of Theme. Choose a title for the theme.
5.1.4 Width of Player. Define the width of the player.
5.1.5 Height of Player. Define the height of the player.
5.1.6 Start with. Define the mode of the player at start (Video or Playlist).
5.1.7 Show Track Id. Choose whether to show the sequential number of the track in the playlist.
5.1.7 Auto Hide Time. Define how long the control bar and the playlist stay on screen while being inactive.
5.1.8 Keep Aspect Ratio. Choose whether to keep the original aspect ratio of the video or not.
5.1.9 Control Bar over Video. Choose whether the control bar appears on the video area or above/below it.
5.1.10 Watermark Image. You can add an image to appear as a watermark on the screen.
5.1.11 Watermark Position. Choose a position for the watermark image.
5.1.12 Watermark Size. Select a size for the watermark image.
5.1.13 Watermark Margin. Select the distance between the watermark image and the edge of the player window.
5.1.14 Watermark Transparency. Select the transparency level for the watermark image.

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