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Step 7: Publishing the created Calendar in a Page or a Post.

To insert a WordPress Calendar into a Page or a Post.
7.1 Press the button named Insert Spider Calendar in a post or a page you want to show the calendar.
7.2 Select Calendar. Select a calendar from the given list.
7.3 Select Theme. Select a theme from the given list.
7.4 Select Default View. Select the view from provided options (Month, List, Week and Day).
7.5 Save the page or the post. 

Alternatively, you can use Spider Calendar without the button on the toolbar: Add the shortcode  [Spider_Calendar id="1" theme="10" default="month" select="month,list,week,day,"] (whereSpider_Calendar id is the id of the calendar, theme is the ID of the theme, default is the default view of the calendar, select is the option for the available views.)

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