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Joomla FAQ Extension Guide

Step by step guide

Step 5: Creating a Menu Item For the Joomla FAQ

5.1 Creating a Menu Item For the Joomla FAQ
5.1.1 From the navigation bar on the top select Menus > Main Menu.
5.1.2 On the top right hand of the screen click on the New button to add a new Menu item.


5.1.3 Menu Item Type. Click on the Select button and choose Spider FAQ Single Category.
5.1.4 Menu Title. Add a title for the menu.

Component Parameters

5.1.5 Use Standard Category. If this option is enabled, the existing article categories will also be included in the list of available categories.
5.1.6 Select category. Choose a category from the list.
5.1.7 Select theme. Choose a theme for the FAQ from the list.
5.1.8 Show Search Form. Choose whether to show the search form or not.
5.1.9 Expand All Answers After The Page Is Loaded. Choose whether to expand all answers after the page is loaded.
5.1.10 To create an FAQ section with multiple categories, from the Menu Item Type choose Spider FAQ Multiple Categories and repeat the same steps.

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