Web Design Services

Joomla! Extension and WordPress plugin development

We offer a wide range of Joomla extensions and plugins, which will help you to have a more advanced and modern website.
Extensions and plugins come with clean coding and possibility of further expansion. This allows using the product in line up with other third-party extensions and plugins, as well as having great compatibility with standard WordPress and Joomla themes and templates.
Using the offered ready-made solutions you can get a highly functional website. The offered applications come both as plugins and extensions. There are free and paid options for most of the products, where the free options have various limitations in styling and functionality features.


The products offered in the market are not always the exact option for the customer. Some of them require more functionality and features. That’s where customization comes as a best solution. The possibilities of the Joomla extensions and WordPress plugins can be easily expanded and adjusted to meet the requirements with the help of our developers.
Using the plugin/extension as a basis, the developers will add more functionality to the products maintaining the product code. This might include adjustment of a specific feature, an add-on to provide the desired functionality and even removal of unused features.

WordPress Theme development

The themes offered by our company are following the latest trends in the market. If you are searching for a theme which is user-friendly, easy to manage and highly functional, then we have what you are looking for.
The themes come both with free and paid options. All of them are responsive and easy to customize from the back with various sections. The paid versions of the themes have various types of pages and color customization systems. To make sure the final website is friendly for the search engines, the themes use SEO-friendly features and structures.
The themes can be grouped within various topics, so that the form and appearance fits the basic needs: Business, News and Wedding themes. The number of the theme within each category is rapidly expanding allowing the users to choose the most practical option for them.

Web design

The initial step for a successful online promotion is the website. Web-Dorado offers web design services to its customers. Regardless you have a brand to show up, a story to tell or an amazing service for your target group, we can help you out with a unique solution. Our staff consists of such enthusiasts as designers, developers and SEO specialists, thus we plan an option including components of each for every website.
The combination of an appealing design, clean coding and SEO-friendliness make the website competitive among the similar offers in your field. For each client we offer an individual approach. The project timeline as well as the details are being thoroughly discussed with the clients, so that no aspect will be overlooked.

The page types and content of the website are being negotiated and adjusted to best fit the requirements of a quality and efficient website.
We insist a high user involvement in the project. There is a possibility for checking out the samples for similar websites, check or cross out the desired elements and features. On each stage of the process the client’s feedback is being considered and relevant changes are taking place.
The project is being led by a specialized project manager, who keeps in touch with the client, organizes the cooperative work of the designers and developers.
As a result the client is being offered a solution, which is ideal for your needs.