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Top 3 Lorem Ipsum Alternatives Worthy to Try

As a website designer or developer you clearly understand that giving the final look to the website you always need some content.

I’m almost sure that for many people the first thing that comes to mind in this stage is Lorem Ipsum. Taking into account that Lorem Ipsum comes since 1960s then this is simply natural.

But in reality, there are some big NO-s that prompts you to look for some Lorem Ipsum alternatives. Let me just hint a few ones:

  • SEO Killer: Lorem ipsum content may be disastrous for a live website, strictly avoid it if you are going to publish the website or a demo.
  • Indifferent approach: Lorem Ipsum gives an impression that you don’t have serious approach to the project not caring what your users read.
  • Lack of creativity: Thousands of designers/developers offer common design with common content, if your idea is something bigger why to make it common with Ipsum content?
  • Lack of collaboration: If you work on a concrete project with a copywriter, Ipsum content will talk about lack of collaboration in your team. Always do the steps hand in hand showing that content and  design work iteratively.

Though nothing can replace the original content but even using random texts can be done in a better way, you can give more meaning and realism to your web copy texts.

Tell about you and your product

I understand that you may not have much time or skills to write about you or your product but writing one time you can use that same text with small editing in all your templates or websites. This will also help you to decrease the number of questions that your clients may ask you.

Let me just give you a few hints and I’m sure you’ll have better ideas:

  • “Home page” content: Sometimes it’s really hard for users to understand how they can customize their front page; in each text of your home page you can describe your users where and how they can control that part, really amazing, no?
  • “About Us” page content: Here you can write about you or your company. This text you can use in all your websites’ designs. It’s always nice to read a real story than nonsense. I’m sure that some of your clients may remember you or your company’s name/brand from this part of your template.

This way you can also fill in “FAQ”, “Contact Us” and other pages. Why not use an extra opportunity to show your contacts?

Though this is my favorite alternative but I’ll also share some other text options for those who don’t want to spend time on writing any content.


Filerati developers have done a really good job. This tool suggests content from classic literature, what can be better alternative to Lorem Ipsum? No extra time spent while having great content in website. Here you can filter the content per author or novel; you can also go forward and suggest your favorite literature. It’s also quite easy to set the number of words and copy the text. Worth to try!

Not Lorem Ipsum

Seems the developers of this tool were really tired of Lorem Ipsum, but in reality they suggest good content based on industries. For now they suggest text copies for 40 industries and you can always suggest them new topics which they haven’t managed to cover yet. Not depending how much the content may appeal you, you should use it only in concept stage.

Other Ipsums

While researching for good alternatives of Lorem Ipsum I found some other hilarious and weird Ipsums that just can’t help me to share with you:

  • Gangsta Lorem Ipsum
  • Veggie Ipsum
  • Bacon Ipsum
  • Beer Ipsum
  • Liquor Ipsum
  • Cupcake Ipsum
  • Zombie Ipsum

These last options are funny but they also don’t suggest any valuable text. Now you should decide which option to choose: stick to Lorem ipsum, choose funny yet nothing-to-say Ipsums or just give good text to your readers without spending many efforts.

In an ideal world no designer would need a web-copy text; they would have the original text and would build design around the text, but because this is really far from reality , let’s just at least avoid using nonsense texts. And always do remember that design attracts but content engages users and brings better conversion rates.

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