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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery is a fully responsive WordPress photo gallery plugin with advanced functionality. The easy-to-use WP plugin allows adding unlimited number of images to your blog and comes with a list of interactive features and gallery styles. Being fully responsive, the gallery plugin for WordPress enables you to create both desktop and mobile friendly websites. The free photo gallery widget is a great way to showcase your images by combining them into albums. You can create unlimited number of galleries, combine them into albums, and provide descriptions and tags.

Create Fully Responsive WordPress Photo Gallery in Minutes

WordPress 3.4+ ready SEO-friendly Responsive Design and Layout 5 Standard Gallery/Album Views Watermarking/ Advertising Possibility Basic Tag Cloud Widget Image Download Photo Gallery Slideshow Widget Photo Gallery Widget Slideshow/Lightbox Effects Possibility of Editing/Creating New Themes 9 Pro Gallery/Album Views Image Commenting Image Social Sharing Photo Gallery Tags Cloud Widget Support / Updates Number of Sites Price
Free 1 Only Bug Fixes Unlimited Free Download
15 6 Months Unlimited Usage on 1 Site $30 Buy Now
15 1 Year Unlimited Usage on 3 Sites $45 Buy Now
15 1 Year Unlimited $60 Buy Now
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There are nine view options in the frontend for the gallery plugin

  • Thumbnails - Displays images in thumbnails.
  • Masonry - Displays multiple size image thumbnails.
  • Mosaic - Displays multiple size image thumbnails within an aligned content area.
  • Slideshow - Displays galleries in slideshow view.
  • Image Browser - Displays single images of custom size with a possibility to switch from one to another.
  • Masonry Album- Displays album thumbnail images in masonry view.
  • Compact Album - Displays album image thumbnails.
  • Extended Album -Displays album images with description.
  • Blog Style - Displays images in a blog style.
Photo Gallery Widget WordPress

Each of them has a possibility of customization in the shortcode before adding it to the post or page.
Photo Gallery uses its unique File Manager with single-step and easy-to-manage functionality for renaming, uploading, copying, adding and removing images and image directories.
Photo Gallery includes 4 outstanding widgets:

  • WordPress standard Tag Cloud supporting widget
  • Photo Gallery Tags Cloud widget for dynamic tag cloud
  • Photo Gallery Slideshow widget
  • Photo Gallery Widget for displaying albums and galleries

WP Gallery Plugin Features:

  • Responsive design and layout
  • 9 View Options: Thumbnails, Masonry, Mosaic, Slideshow, Image Browser, Masonry Album, Compact Album, Extended Album, Blog Style
  • Support for JPG, JPEG, PNG and GIF files
  • Possibility to edit themes changing sizes and colors for different features
  • Unlimited number of photos can be added to each gallery
  • Unlimited number of galleries and albums can be added to each album
  • Possibility to add single/ multiple galleries into your pages and posts with the help of detailed shortcode; visual shortcodes for an easier management
  • Separate single-page Gallery and Album management
  • Extended and compact album display
  • Manage Gallery/Album/Image roles allowing different level users to edit your galleries/albums/images
  • Possibility of adding captions and tags for each individual image in the gallery
  • Crop, flip and rotate possibility for the thumbnail images
  • Specify the number of images to display in a single row in an album
  • View images as a slide show using shuffle and auto play possibilities
  • Possibility of adding audio track for the image slideshow
  • Advertisement/Watermark possibility for images
  • Possibility to add Captcha to comment box
  • Possibility of managing image comments (publish/unpublish, delete)
  • Social sharing possibility with the most popular social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
  • Possibility of allowing image download straight from the gallery
  • WordPress Tag cloud support
  • Photo Gallery Tag Cloud widget for dynamic tag rotation ( image tag cloud and text tag cloud)
  • Photo Gallery Slideshow widget to display slideshow in a custom location with 15 special effects
  • Photo Gallery Widget for displaying albums and galleries
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