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The Spider WordPress FAQ plugin is for creating an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for your website. Spider FAQ allows you to provide the users with a well-designed and informative FAQ section, which can facilitate you in managing various user inquiries by significantly decreasing their amount.

WordPress Plugin FAQ

The Spider FAQ pluginis highly customizable and is one of the best FAQ tools that can be found in WordPress directory.FAQs usually contain questions/answers on various topics and it is necessary to somehow organize them for easier navigation. For this purpose Spider FAQ allows creating different categories to be able to organize the questions accordingly. It is also possible to include standard categories (e.g. an existing post category) into the set of FAQ categories.The commercial package of the product includes built-in themes, as well as possibility of creating new themes from scratch.

Features of Spider WordPress FAQ:

  • 22 built-in FAQ themes which can be modified
  • Possibility of creating a new theme from scratch
  • The order and organization of the FAQ section is customizable
  • The FAQscan be provided with images
  • Existing categories can be used for FAQs
  • The FAQ section is searchable
  • Possibility of adding date and username
  • Like, Unlike and Hits buttons
  • Full image and HTML support for each FAQ
  • WYSIWYG editor for FAQs
  • Button forexpanding/collapsing all the questions
  • SEO-friendly plugin
  • A wide range of customizable parameters for each feature of the FAQ section (category parameters, question parameters, answer parameters, searchbox parameters, etc.)

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