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    Folder Menu Drupal

    Drupal vertical menu module

    Folder Menu

    Free version - Limited up to 3 menus and 5 submenus

    Free Download
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    Folder Menu is a flash dynamic menu module for your Drupal 6.x,7.x website, designed to meet your needs and preferences.

    Drupal vertical menu module

    Main features of Drupal vertical menu:

    • Possibility to customize the product using various parameters.
    • All colors of all 3 flash menus are customizable.
    • Possibility to fix the position of the menu during the scrolling.
    • Nice Flash effects
    • Interface fully integrated with Drupal administration, which allows to use Folder Menu with new or existing menus of Drupal.

    Folder Menu makes the Menu very convenient and easy-to-use.

    Now you can organize your website pages more easily and present user-friendly websites to your customers and visitors.

    Installation instructions:

      To install Folder Menu module
    • 1. Download and enable the module
    • 2. Go to Administrator > Site building > Folder Menu settings
      • Menu Parent: Choose the menu parent.
      • Menu Position: Choose the position of Folder Menu.
      • Distance from top: Define the distance of Folder Menu from the top.
      • Menu Font: Choose the font of Folder Menu.
      • Menu Background Color: Choose the background color of Folder menu.
      • Menu Text Color: Choose the text color of Folder menu.
      • Menu Hover Color: Choose the hover color of Folder menu.
      • Submenu Hover Color: Choose the submenu hover color of Folder menu.

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