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Joomla! Gallery WD is an advanced gallery extension with responsive design and layout. It allows adding different image galleries and modules to your website’s pages. It is possible to create unlimited number of galleries in Gallery WD, which can be added to albums. You can provide tags and description for images in the gallery.

Powerful Joomla Image Gallery Module

Joomla! 2.5,3x support SEO-friendly Responsive Design and Layout 5 Standard Gallery/Album Views Watermarking/ Advertising Possibility Basic Tag Cloud Module Image Download Photo Gallery Slideshow Module Photo Gallery Module Slideshow/Lightbox Effects Possibility of Editing/Creating New Themes 7 Pro Gallery/Album Views Image Commenting Image Social Sharing Photo Gallery Tags Cloud Module Support Number of Sites Price
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15 1 Year Unlimited Usage on 3 Sites $45 Buy Now
15 2 Year Unlimited $60 Buy Now

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Designed for Joomla 3.x and 2.5, the Web-Dorado Joomla photo gallery module is a great solution for giving your website a stylish and classy look. Adding responsive photo galleries to your Joomla website is a simple and super easy task with Gallery WD extension, which proves you with options to choose from 6 gallery views and 3 album views, make changes for different view options, including styles, colors, dimensions and much more.

Joomla Gallery WD Extension

Gallery WD Extension Features:

  • Fully responsive layout and design
  • Gallery views have 7 options:
    • Thumbnails view. Images are displayed in thumbnails
    • Masonry. Image thumbnails are displayed in multiple dimensions
    • Slideshow.  Gallery is displayed in a slideshow
    • Image Browser. Custom size images of gallery are displayed individually with switching possibility
    • Compact Album.  Album gallery cover images displayed in thumbnails
    • Extended Album. Album gallery images are displayed with descriptions.
    • Blog Style. Gallery images are displayed in blog style.
  • JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF file extension support
  • Editable gallery themes, parameters for different elements
  • Possibility to add unlimited number of photos in each gallery
  • Unlimited number of galleries/albums in each album
  • Shortcode for adding a gallery into pages
  • Display options of extended and compact album gallery
  • Management of Gallery/Album/Image roles for different level users
  • Tags and captions for gallery images
  • Crop, flip and rotation of thumbnail images in the gallery
  • Availability to specify the number of gallery album images in a single row
  • Option to display gallery images in slideshow with shuffle and auto play possibilities
  • Slideshow gallery with an audio track
  • Advertisement/Watermark on gallery images
  • Management of gallery image comments (publish, unpublish, delete)
  • Captcha code in gallery image comment boxes
  • Sharing options of gallery for popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)
  • Option to download images from gallery
  • Gallery WD Tag Cloud module (dynamic image/text tag rotation)
  • Gallery WD Slideshow module (slideshow with 15 special effects)
  • Gallery WD module to display galleries and albums

Important : Version 1.2.5 is a "Security Release" and those who use Gallery WD or Gallery WD Lite version under 1.2.5 should upgrade immediately to the latest version!

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