WordPress Contact Form Builder

WordPress Contact Form Builder

Contact Form Builder

WordPress 3.4+ ready Responsive design and layout Email Options Customizable labels and attributes Custom HTML field Possibility to send a copy of message to user Activation/deactivation of fields Customizable form layout Captcha/Repatcha protection Blocking IPs Sample Forms Possibility to create new forms based on the samples Google Map Integration Themes Possibility to add themes Submissions page Statistical Data Data Import in CSV/XML Support Number of Sites Price
Free 10 1 Only Bug Fixes Unlimited Free Download
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10 37 2 Year Unlimited $35 Buy Now
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Contact Form Builder is an intuitive tool for creating contact forms. It comes along multiple contact form templates where you can rearrange fields, customize the labels, attributes and dimensions. The fields can also be activated and deactivated based on the purpose of the forms.
The plugin is the best choice for those, who want to have a well-organized and elegant contact forms not spending too much of timing. Just using a few clicks and some adjustment the professional contact form will be created. The possibility of copying the forms will allow creating multiple contact forms for different types of pages and posts.

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Features of Contact Form Maker

There are 37 default themes coming with the Form Builder. The themes can be customized using Edit CSS button in the General Options. There is also possibility of adding more themes using the Themes section.
The contact forms can be protected from spam using either simple Captcha or Recaptcha protection.
The submitted data can be emailed and/or stored in submissions sections. The email possibility can be activated and thoroughly customized in Email Options section of the Form Options

  • Responsive design
  • 37 default themes
  • 10 samples for the form, possibility to edit and save as copy
  • Customizable features (labels, options and dimensions)
  • Possibility of activating/deactivating specific types of fields
  • Additional attributes for adding properties
  • Submissions field coming with statistical data
  • Data export in CSV/XML format
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