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Contact Form Maker

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Contact Form Maker is a simple tool to add slick contact forms into your Joomla website. The extension includes a number of Contact form templates, which can be edited in a manner to fit the basic needs, e.g. size and labels. The included fields can be removed and rearranged.
This extension is ideal for those who want to add professional looking Contact forms to their websites with a few common steps. The contact forms can be copied and modified. Thus you can preserve the initial form for the further use.

Joomla Contact Form Extension

Features of Contact Form Maker

The Contact Form Maker includes 30 default themes, which can be customized using the theme CSS.
The form uses Captcha, Recaptcha protections for avoiding spam submissions.
The filled data gets saved in submissions, whereas there is also possibility of receiving the data to the email filling out relevant data in Email Options.

  • Support for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x
  • Responsive design and layout
  • Default themes included (30 themes)
  • 10 contact form samples ready for editing
  • Customizable options and labels
  • Possibility to remove the unnecessary fields
  • Possibility of creating multiple forms saving the samples as copies
  • Additional attributes for adding properties
  • Submissions field with relevant data
  • CSV/XML export possibility
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