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Form Maker

Form Maker is an advanced tool for creating responsive submission forms for your Joomla website. Form Maker is one of the best Joomla form builder extensions available in JED. Despite being a tool that allows creating complex and diverse submission forms, it is very easy to use, and the back-end interface is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing users to effectively use it even if they don’t have high technical knowledge. The drag and drop function helps you save a lot of time on form management. From simple contact forms to submission statistics, advanced email settings options, PayPal integration and much more - the Joomla form creator is the ultimate solution for you.

Flexible and Easy-to-Use Joomla Form Module

Support / Usage Time Number of Sites One-time Price
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Business$45 1 Year / Unlimited Unlimited Usage on 3 Sites $45 Buy Now
Developer$60 2 Year / Unlimited Unlimited $60 Buy Now

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Form Maker Extensions Joomla Form Extension Form Maker Export/Import Form Maker allows you to specify parameters like colors and fonts. The size of each element can be set as well. This form builder is capable of handling small forms, as well as complex form applications. Therefore, it is ideally suited for beginners and also meets the needs of designers and experts.
You can also include a Google map. The preferred address can be added using the address searching interface, or by filling out the geographical coordinates (longitude and latitude). You can also drag the marker to the desired location using the mouse.
All modern browsers are supported.

Free version - Limited up to 7 fields to add

Joomla Form Maker Features:

  • Joomla1.5, Joomla 1.7, Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x native extension
  • Form Maker is a full responsive extension and compatible with all mobile devices.
  • Editable layout
  • Fourten main elements for creating a new form
    • Custom HTML
    • Text Input
    • Multiple choice
    • Single choice
    • Survey tools
    • Time and Date
    • Select box
    • File upload
    • Page break
    • Section break
    • Map
    • Paypal
    • Captcha
    • Button
  • Full PayPal integration with different checkout modes (Test Mode and Production) and five field types (Amount, Select, Checkbox, Radio, and Shipping).
  • Custom HTML between form fields
  • Multi-page forms
  • Option for separating the Joomla form into sections with different number of columns
  • Custom CSS and Java script in the form.
    Joomla Form Builder Extension
  • Includes additional attributes, where you can customize the specific properties for the fields of the form using Java Script.
  • Advanced email settings options. The submitted information can be forwarded to the submitter as well.
  • Option for creating menu items and connecting them with the form.
  • Option for inserting the form into a Joomla article.
  • The form can be used as a module as well.
  • Joomla Form Maker is integrated with the standard Joomla editor.
  • Various parameters for every element of the form.
  • Data validation during the submission of the form.
  • Submission statistics
  • 9 sample form templates
  • Option for restricting allowed file extensions for the file upload.
  • Form Maker is integrated with Google Maps API.
  • Ability of adding both simple Survey Tools (Star rating, Scale Rating, Spinner, Slider, and Range), and complex ones, such as Grading and Matrix.