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This page of YouTube WD lets you configure main options of the plugin. Firstly, as mentioned in Configuring API Key section, You can add or update the API key from YouTube WD Settings.

Now let’s go through the rest of the options separately.

Enable Caching. Turn on this setting to boost the speed of your YouTube video, playlist or channel. The content will be cached based on Cache Time (hours), and it will be refreshed after reaching the time limit.

Show Deleted Video Thumbnails. Enabling this setting will include the thumbnails of deleted videos in your YouTube gallery.

Add Video SEO Tags. This option lets you enable meta keywords and descriptions for the videos. They are used for proper crawling and indexation by search engines.

Facebook Open Graph Markup. Add Open Graph markup to your YouTube entries. This recommended to enable for Facebook sharing, it will set the video thumbnail as the post image.

Make sure to hit Apply after modifying these settings.

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