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Publishing on a page or post

YouTube WD Themes page provides a large variety of options for customizing the display of YouTube videos, channels and playlists integrated to your website. It includes colors, font size, padding options for different elements of YouTube entries. The settings are divided to the following sections:

You can publish embedded YouTube video, playlist or channel on a page or post. Edit one of the existing pages/posts, or add new, where you will insert the shortcode of your YouTube entry. Click Insert YouTube WD button with YouTube icon to open shortcode toolbox.

Use Select YouTube Feed dropdown menu to choose which YouTube entry to add to your page or post. A quick preview of it will be visible on the right side of shortcode popup. Click Insert to place YouTube WD shortcode on the page/post.

Press Publish/Update button to save the page, then hit View Page to see the results on your website front-end.

Publishing as a widget

YouTube WD also lets you publish your YouTube embed on widget areas. Go to Appearance > Widgets to configure the widget. Find YouTube WD from right side of the page, then drag it to necessary widget area.

Write a Title for your YouTube WD widget, and use Select Embed dropdown menu to choose your video, playlist or channel. You can set Width and Height for the widget, additionally, the plugin allows you have extra text above and/or below YouTube WD embed.

Don’t forget to hit Save after making the changes.

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