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Player Options

This set of options lets you configure the display of YouTube player in particular. You can alter the dimensions of it, customize the progress bar, enable or disable relative videos and much more. Let’s go through each setting individually and discover the possibilities.

Width. Set the width of the player, you can use pixels or percents .

Height. Provide the height of YouTube player in pixels.

Player Alignment. Choose the alignment of your YouTube player, which can be set to Left, Center or Right .

Enable Autohide. Switch on this parameter to hide the control bar after the video starts playing. It will appear again if users mouse over the video. Note that this option only affects fullscreen playback only.

Enable Autoplay. Switch this option on to start the main video automatically, when the player loads on your WordPress page or post.

Progress Bar Color. You can specify the color of player’s progress bar with this setting. Valid values for this parameter are red and white .

Enable Controls. This setting lets you show or hide control buttons of YouTube player on your video. This includes the progress bar, play, volume, captions, settings and fullscreen buttons, as well as YouTube logo and the timer.

Allow Fullscreen. Use this setting to enable or disable fullscreen button on your YouTube player.

Enable Looping. With this option you can configure the video to play on repeat. It will start over after the video is done playing.

Show Relative Videos. Enabling this setting lets you show related videos after the playback of initial video is finished.

Show Video Info. When this parameter is disabled, the title and author of the main video, as well as share button will not be displayed on the player.

Disable Keyboard. Switch this option on in case you do not want the player to respond to keyboard controls, such as spacebar (play/pause), up/down arrows (volume control), etc.

Show YouTube Icon. This setting lets you enable or disable YouTube logo among control buttons of the player.

Show Annotations. You can switch annotations of the main video on or off with this setting.

Enable Localization. When this option is turned on, the player detects the language of your WordPress site and displays its controls in the same language. The site language can be changed from WordPress Settings > General page.

Show Closed Captions. If this parameter is enabled, the YouTube player published on your website will have closed captions displayed by default.

Enable iOS Playback. This setting lets you configure the videos will play without entering fullscreen mode on iOS devices.

Add Origin. Enable this option to add extra security measure to your YouTube embed.

Wmode. Use Opaque for Wmode parameter to have higher performance on your YouTube embed. Mark Transparent to switch it off.

Initial Volume. Select the default volume of the player, which will be set to the video when it is first loaded. The user is able to control the volume afterwards.

Video Quality. Choose the default quality for the main video. The user is able to change the quality of it during playback. The following options are available for this setting:

  • Default
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • HD720
  • HD1080
  • Highres

Start Video at. Set the timestamp from the video and let users to start watching it from that particular moment. You can define hours, minutes and seconds.

End Video at. Define the timestamp from the video, when the video will end its playback. You can set hours, minutes and seconds.

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