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Gallery Options

In case you are embedding a YouTube channel or playlist, YouTube WD plugin lets you showcase the videos in an elegant and unique-looking gallery. When gallery view is enabled, the grid with channel or playlist videos will appear along with the main video.

Turn on gallery view by setting Show Gallery option to Yes and configure the following options for its outstanding display.

Gallery View Type. Choose the display type of your playlist/channel gallery. YouTube WD plugin provides these spectacular video gallery structures:

  • Thumbnails
  • List
  • Carousel
  • Table
  • Blog Style

Max. Number of Columns. Set the maximum number of columns, which will be used for displaying your YouTube gallery thumbnails in Thumbnails View.

Gallery Position. Select the position of your YouTube video gallery. It can be set to display above or below the main video of your YouTube channel or playlist.

Thumbnails Min Width. Specify the minimum width (in pixels) of your YouTube gallery thumbnails. Maximum recommended value of this option is 1280 pixels.

Items Count Per Page. Set the number of videos which will be displayed on one page of YouTube video gallery.

Gallery View Type. This setting indicates the pagination type your YouTube video gallery will use. Three options are available:

Pagination: places regular pagination buttons with next and previous page links. Load More Button: adds a button, clicking on which will load the next set of videos. Infinite Scroll: loads the next set of videos upon mouse scroll.

Pagination Prev. Button Text. You can provide the text for Previous button with this setting. In case you wish to only have arrows, leave the option value blank.

Pagination Next Button Text. Similarly, this option sets the text for Next button with this setting. If you need to only have arrows for pagination, leave the option value blank.

Order By. Choose the parameter based on which your YouTube videos will be ordered in your gallery. There are 6 available options:

  • Relevance
  • Date
  • Rating
  • Title
  • Comments Count
  • View Count

Order Direction. Specify the type of ordering based on Order By parameter. It can be set to Ascending (Asc) or Descending (Desc).

Show Searchbox. Enable this option to have a searchbox placed on your YouTube video gallery.

Gallery Video Display Mode. Select a display option for playing videos from your YouTube gallery. You can choose on of the following:

  • Iframe option will replace the main video with the one you click on, and play it within an iframe.
  • Popup opens the YouTube video in a lightbox. It also places next/previous arrows, which let you navigate through the videos directly from the popup.
  • Inline option will play the video in the same box, as its thumbnail.
  • Youtube will redirect to YouTube page of the video which the user clicks.

Show Additional Info. This setting lets you enable or disable additional information from your videos. It will be added under each video thumbnail. You can choose the following parameters to appear:

  • Published At
  • Title
  • Description
  • Views Count
  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Comments Count
  • Duration

Description Max Length. This parameter indicates the maximum number of characters, which will be used for creating an excerpt from YouTube video description.

Gallery Loading Effects. Select one of the following effects to load gallery videos with. They will be triggered upon scrolling the page down.

  • None
  • Fade In
  • Move Up
  • Scale Up
  • Fall Perspective
  • Fly
  • Flip
  • Helix
  • Pop Up

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