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Embedding YouTube Video, Playlist and channel

Click on YouTube WD link from WordPress dashboard menu, afterwards hit Add New to start configuring your first YouTube entry. Provide a unique Title for it, then select the Type of the entry. It can be one of the following:

  • Single Video
  • Playlist
  • Channel

In case of choosing Single Video or Playlist, simply copy their full link to URL or Search by Title option. You can also search the video/playlist by typing its title on YouTube.

If you selected Channel option, embed it to your website using Search by Title input. Alternatively, you can provide Channel ID of your YouTube channel. It can be identified by the your YouTube Username, or the Channel ID. For instance, in the following YouTube link:

WebDorado88 is the username of Web-Dorado YouTube channel. Similarly, in this channel link prototype:

UCgj_stuJW9al8qC0mF1ZhaA is the channel ID.

After adding the YouTube video, playlist or channel link, make sure Published option for it is set to Yes. Afterwards hit Save or Apply to keep the modifications. You can also Save as copy, or Cancel, in case you do not wish to continue configuring this entry.

YouTube WD plugin lets you check all the changes you make with its Preview section. This lets you have a clear image of how your YouTube video, playlist or channel is going to display on front-end of your site. Simply press Reload button after modifying an option, and the changes will be demonstrated.

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