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WordPress Themes

Step by step guide

Step 3: Theme options

You can customize the theme choosing “Theme options” menu from the navigation bar on the left. Theme options will allow you to make changes in your site and customize it in accordance to personal preferences.

3.3 General Settings. General Settings has multiple sections to make changes in the content of the site.

  • Custom CSS. Custom CSS will change the visual style of the site. This CSS code will be inserted in the <head> tag of your site. You can provide custom CSS code to be applied to specific elements.
  • Logo. You can add custom logo to your homepage. Press “Upload image” button and choose the image file to be added.
  • Show Favicon. Check the box to show favicon on the site. You can add custom favicon to your homepage. Press “Upload image” button and choose the corresponding file if the box is checked. By default favicon is a 16 x 16 pixel file saved in favicon.ico format in root directory of the server.
  • Blog Style Post Format. Usually the index/homepage posts appear in their full length. If you want to have shorter post previews you can check the box.
  • Grab the First Post Image. This option will enable you to have the first image that appears in the post to turn into a thumbnail visible on your homepage.
  • Show Twitter Icon. You can choose to show Twitter icon on your homepage checking the box.
  • Twitter Profile URL. Adding Twitter Profile URL you can link your Twitter account to your website.
  • Show RSS Icon. You can add RSS feed to your homepage checking the box.
  • RSS Icon URL. Adding RSS Icon URL you can link RSS Feed possibility to your website.
  • Show Facebook Icon. You can choose to show Facebook icon on your homepage checking the box.
  • Facebook Profile URL. Adding Facebook profile URL you can link your Facebook account to your website.
  • Display Date to the Posts. Choose whether to display the date in posts or not.
  • Information in the footer. This option will allow you to have a custom content (with HTML code) that appears in the footer of all pages.

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