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WordPress Themes

Step by step guide

Step 3: Theme options

You can customize the theme choosing “Theme options” menu from the navigation bar on the left. Theme options will allow you to make changes in your site and customize it in accordance to personal preferences.

3.2 Layout Editor. The Layout Editor changes with the default layout, content area, main area, and primary widget area. Each of them can be adjusted based on the preferences.

  • Choose Default Layout. Here you can choose the positioning of the main content and the sidebars. You can add up to two sidebars or choose to have content area page without sidebars. The theme allows you to choose between 6 layouts.
  • Full Width. By checking the box the content area of your site will be stretched to the full width of the page.
  • Content Area Width. Here you can specify the width of the content area.
  • Main Column Width. You can specify the size of the main sidebar.
  • Primary Widget Area Width. In case of two sidebar layout you can specify the primary widget area. The width of the secondary sidebar will be calculated automatically.

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