3.10: Featured Plugins

WordPress Themes

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Step 3: Theme options

You can customize the theme choosing “Theme options” menu from the navigation bar on the left. Theme options will allow you to make changes in your site and customize it in accordance to personal preferences.

3.10 Featured Plugins. You can select and add plugins to your theme to increase functionality.

  • Form Maker. Using this plugin you can create and edit WordPress forms.
  • Spider Calendar. You can create and organize events with this plugin.
  • Spider Facebook. This plugin allows you to have integration with Facebook and other social media.
  • Spider FAQ. Spider FAQ allows you to create FAQ section for the website.
  • Zoom. This plugin allows you to resize predefined parts of the website.
  • Spider Video Player. Video Player is a plugin allowing you to add Flash and HTML5 videos to your website.
  • Spider Catalog. Using this plugin you can organize items provided in your website into catalogs.
  • Spider Contacts. This plugin allows you to organize information about people in a more convenient way.
  • Folder Menu. This plugin creates vertical Flash menu on your website.
  • Flash Calendar. This plugin creates a Flash calendar, where you can organize and edit events.
  • Contact Form Maker. Using this plugin you can create and customize contact forms.

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