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Step 3: Creating FAQs for the WordPress FAQ

3.1 From the navigation bar on the left select FAQ > Questions
3.2 Click on the Add a Question button on the upper right hand of the screen.
3.3 Question. Add a question.
3.4 Category. Choose a category for the question from the list.
3.5 Answer. Add the answer to the question.
3.6 Created by. Click on Select User button to add the user, who contributed the question. By default it shows the username of the logged in user. You can also leave it blank.
3.7 Calendar. Choose the date when the question was contributed.
3.8 Like. You can edit the number of likes here.
3.9 Unlike. You can edit the number of unlikes here.
3.10 Hits. You can edit the number of hits here.
3.11 Order. Select the order of the question.
3.12 Published. Choose whether to publish the question or not.

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