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Step 4: Creating Themes for the WordPressFAQ

  • From the navigation bar on the leftselect FAQ >Themes.
  • Click on the Add a Theme button on the upper right hand of the screen or choose a theme from the list of built-in themes. There are 22 themes available. If you change the parameters of the default theme, there is a Reset Theme button in the General Parameters section for resetting the parameters of the default theme to their original values.


4.6 Expand/Collapse Parameters
4.6.1 Color. Choose the color of Expand/Collapse links.
4.6.2 Hover color. Choose the color of Expand/Collapse links when hovered.
4.6.3 Font size. Define the text font size of the Expand/Collapse links.
4.6.4 Margin. Specify the spaces (top, right, bottom, and left) outside the Expand/Collapse links area, between the area and other elements surrounding it (e.g. “10 0”, which means that top and bottom margins are 10px, and right and left margins are 0px).

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