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Step 3: Creating Contacts for WordPress Contacts.

3.1 On the left menu select Spider Contacts > Contacts
3.2 In the upper right corner click on the “Add a Contact” button.
3.3 First Name. Add the first name of the contact.
3.4 Last Name. Add the last name of the contact.
3.5 Email. Add the Email.
3.6 Send Email when Message Sent. Choose whether the submitted messages are redirected to the contact’s e-mail or not.
3.7 Category. Choose a category from the existing list of categories.
3.8 Images. You can add an unlimited number of images to the contact.
3.9 Description. Add a description for the contact.
3.10 Order. Choose the order of the contact.
3.11 Published. Choose whether to publish the contact or not.

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