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WordPress Slider WD

Step by step guide

Step 5: Publishing the Created Slider.

To insert the WordPress Slider into a Page or a Post:

You can insert the created Slider into a page or post. Go to the Post or Page. Here you will see “Insert Slider” button with a Slider icon. Press the button, Select the slider and press Insert.
In addition, you can insert the shortcode manually. The corresponding shortcode is displayed next to the created slider in Slider WD>Sliders section under Shortcode column.
To insert the Slider within the Theme.
You can insert the created Slider into the theme calling it with PHP function. This feature is commonly used for adding the code to header.php for displaying the slider within the header position of the website. You can find the function located in Slider WD>Sliders section under PHP function column.
To insert the Slider as a widget.
Go to Appearance>Widgets>Slider. Select a position for the slider widget and press Save button. Then provide the title for the slider and select the corresponding slider using the drop-down list.

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